Jelli’s Fudgery

fudgeStarted May 7th, 2012, Jelli’s Fudgery was an idea brought to life by a trip back ‘home’ for Jay. Where is home? It’s Ontario, Canada, where his mother owns two stores, one of which sells fudge. After trying more than our fair share of samples, we grew attached to the quality and taste and just had to start making it ourselves. After some thought and research, we created Jelli’s Fudgery and hope that everyone who tries our fudge is just as impressed as we were.

Our fudge is made with real cream and butter and churned in a kettle on site in our store at 21 N 3rd Street in Hamilton. Due to overwhelming support, we were able to open the storefront on August 3rd where you can purchase (or just sample) our fudge year round. We started out very basic with just peanut butter and chocolate, but have since spread our varieties to include orange cream, cookie dough, chocolate raspberry and many others. In addition to fudge, we also offer ice cream, floats and coffee as well as breads and spice rubs made by the local Hubbs’ Rubbs.

The best way to contact us and keep up to date with what we have happening is via our Facebook page at