Homeward Bound Greyhound Association

homeward bound greyhound associationWe save greyhounds. Do you have questions? Would you like to share a greyhound tip or story?  Send us an e-mail at info@hbgatristate.org.

Can’t adopt a greyhound right now? Why not sponsor one of our adoptable hounds? The HBGA adoption fee only partially covers the expenses for the average foster dog.

The difference in funds must be raised through fundraising events, grants, and corporate matching gifts and through the kindness of sponsors like yourself.

You can help the organization by contributing towards the expenses for a foster dog from the time he or she comes into our program to the time the dog leaves for his or her forever home.

Our Mission:

  • To find responsible loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds,
  • To educate the public about the desirability of Greyhounds as pets,
  • To inform the public of the availability of retired racing Greyhounds for adoption,
  • To build a community of individuals with an appreciation of the Greyhound breed, and
  • To work toward the continued well being of racing Greyhounds.