This Page has not been updated with 2016 info.

Dean Murray will be one of the Pumpkin Sculptures at OP!

“Dean Murray does it again! Jack Hanna’s Pumpkin Carving Champion 2013: For the second straight year Dean Murray pulls out some crazy ideas for pumpkins and wins the best pumpkin carving competition in the country, The Jack Hanna Pumpkin Carving Championships at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, OH”

Dean has also appeared on the Food Network’s Halloween Wars and was in charge of the White House pumpkin display.

John Michaels will also be sculpting Pumpkins at OP! Michaels is a professional ice sculptor for Arctic Diamond in Cincinnati. He made his first foray into the pumpkin carving circuit at last year’s Jack Hanna Pumpkin Carving Championship, where he earned second place. He also carves wood, sand and butter.

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