Operation Pumpkin Duck Race

duck dace

Below are the three winners for the race:

Jim & Noah Paxton= $1,500 (they chose to donate winnings back to Operation Pumpkin)
Mad Mikes Burgers (Star Spangler) =$1,000.00
John Connell= $500.00

Due to safety issues with debris in river and storm, OP Duck Race opted to draw the winning tickets publically at the Amphitheater.


Come join us Sunday at 2:00 for our 1st Annual Duck Race. 

Leadership Hamilton Class of 2013 is supporting Operation Pumpkin and selling Ducks!

Ducks are $5 each for your chance at $1,500/$1,000/$500.

You can buy ticketsthrough this link: Buy Duck Race Tickets

Thanks for visiting the duck race page and thanks for your support!


Buy Duck Race Tickets