Dog House Forge

John Cummins, Blacksmith

John Cummins (JC), when we met 30 plus years ago, was one of the finest flintlock rifle shooters I had ever seen. I learned over the years that John becomes an expert in everything that attracts his interest. We started heating and hammering iron together in the early 80‘s. In 1983, I built a .62 cal Southern Mountain Rifle that we forged the trigger guard for.

John helped me to gather tools and equipment plus gave advice for my own shop. Retired from his work a day job, John spends much of his time taking scrap metal and fashions some of the most unique and useful black iron art. Knives, candle holders, hooks, tools, cooking utensils, fireplace sets and many more. Any piece is sure to be an heirloom. John Cummins has the eye of an artist, the hands of a craftsman, the heart of dear friend.
By Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson, a 30 year Blacksmith Apprentice

With a common interest in Flintlock shooting and Period (pre-1840) camping Gary teamed with Johns Cummins, an accomplished craftsman. Gary started learning how to shape iron with fire, hammer and tong. John Cummins gladly shared his knowledge as the two blacksmithed together, made or shopped for tools and learned from other like-minded individuals. It is a unique hobby, that you can start with something very basic in the way of stock and turn it into Functional Art. In the last year we have been recreating missing hardware from Old Timbers Lodge inside Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge in Ripley Co. Indiana.

Taken from Gary’s Website